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1x4ft Troffer Retrofit Kits

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The most cost effective way to retrofit your existing T8 or T12 troffer lighting fixture to a new energy efficient T8 lighting system and reflector. All the kits include a new reflector, brackets, sockets , and screws to retrofit your 1 x 4 ft fixtures. Choose between white aluminum or MIRO4 95% reflective aluminum reflectors depending on your ceiling height (below or above 9 ft). We offer kits to fit your existing flat acrylic prismatic lense or 18 cell parabolic lense fixtures. Retrofit kits are a great way to save energy, decrease maintenance expenses and electric bills, help the environment, and maintain your desired light levels for longer periods of time.

For industrial interiors, these 1x4 foot troffer light fixtures deliver a perfect combination of aesthetics and energy savings. Also called recessed fixtures, they're best used as general-purpose or ambient lighting in spaces that require ample illumination and broad-range color rendering without sacrificing efficiency.

The greater efficiency and extended lamp life of our LED and fluorescent troffer lighting ensures a low-maintenance installation and a low total cost of ownership. And because both fluorescent and LED lamps can provide indirect lighting, they create an inviting and comfortable visual environment.

Troffer and recessed lighting is available for both new installations and commercial lighting retrofits. Many troffer light fixtures are designed to lay in to drop ceilings, and are typically used to replace recessed existing fluorescent fixtures with higher-efficiency linear fluorescent lighting or LED recessed fixtures. With retrofit kits, they're a perfect solution for delivering aesthetics and energy savings in one package.

Typical applications for recessed lighting include offices, schools, and medical facilities.

The commercial electrical contractor’s source for 1x4 ft troffer lighting and lay-In fixtures. Compare and buy 1x4 ft lay-in, troffer, and recessed fixtures for your commercial lighting project or retrofit.
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