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LED Gas / Service Station Canopy Fixtures

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Gas station and convenience stores are notorious for being very energy-intensive lighting operations. With lights required to be kept on during long hours of service ranging from early morning to late night hours, it can end up costing large chunks of money to operate traditional canopy lights. Up until LED technology came onto the market, owners were forced to buy lighting that was generally inefficient and needed to be constantly replaced, putting quite the financial burden on the business.

These traditional canopy metal halide HID and high pressure sodium HPS fixtures usually account for the highest amounts of electricity use at most gas station and convenience store locations. Though for a long time these fixtures were the best option on the market, times have thankfully changed for the better. With LED technology getting more efficient every year, gas station and convenience store operators now have the freedom to save more energy and invest more back in their business with products like LED gas station lights.

LSI Industries LED lighting fixtures are made specifically for gas station canopy applications. These slim new energy efficient LED 2 x 2 ft fixtures are a perfect way to improve your cost savings through energy efficiency and maintenance savings while increasing the light quality of the lit area. With gas stations typically having high lighting maintenance costs and high electric bills, installing these 60,000+ hour lamp life fixtures will not only save you over 50% in electricity use, but save thousands of dollars as a result of not having to pay for maintenance calls, lamp and ballast replacements, and general maintenance contracts.

Whether it's a flush mount LED canopy fixture for ambient lighting or a surface mount fuel pump light, retrofitting 24-hour businesses like gas stations, service stations, and convenience stores, demands durable light sources that provide high-quality illumination around the clock. These applications benefit from the energy savings, excellent color rendering and ultra-long lamp life of our line of LED gas station canopy lighting fixtures.

The service station LED lighting and LED gas station fixtures we offer at Shine Retrofits include everything from rectangular surface mounted LED parking garage fixtures to in-ceiling canopy LED canopy retrofit kits. The unbeatable longevity and high-quality illumination of LED lighting brings gas stations and convenience stores a maintenance-free installation option that will last for years, and a low total cost of ownership to go along with it. Investing in LED canopy lights will be a business decision that will have positive effects on all parts of your business.

Shine Retrofits is the commercial electrical contractor’s source for energy efficient gas station LED lighting fixtures. Through our website you can compare and buy ceiling mount and surface mount LED fixtures for your convenience store, gas station, or service island lighting project or retrofit.

Our wide variety of LED canopy lights and other gas station lighting reflect the highest quality lights available on today’s market. With our commitment to the best in lighting technology, we pride ourselves on being your premier source for efficient and effective lights that will elevate your project to the next level. As you are searching through our inventory, please use the drop down menu below to sort by criteria such as name, price, manufacturer, and wattage, Alternatively, use our filters to the left to direct your search towards specific like CRI (Color Rendering Index) and certifications.

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