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  1. How to Improve Lighting to Meet Energy Codes

    How to Improve Lighting to Meet Energy Codes

    Here at Shine Retrofits, we know that energy codes can sometimes be a big burden on your business. Keeping your building from using large amounts of energy can be difficult for many energy-intensive buildings. This burden can be intensified by big parking lots and long hours, causing you to need to keep lights on for longer spans of time. Part...

  2. Brand Spotlight: Arcadia Lighting

    Brand Spotlight: Arcadia Lighting

    At Shine Retrofits, we are proud to carry products from the best lighting manufacturers in the world. Our catalog of LED lights for both indoor and outdoor applications offer a product for every kind of project, from new lighting installations to energy-efficient LED retrofits. One of the premier manufacturers that Shine Retrofits features in our lighting catalog is Arcadia Lights...

  3. Why Energy Efficient Lighting is Important

    Why Energy Efficient Lighting is Important

    As lighting professionals, we truly live in one of the most exciting times for lighting. Energy efficient lighting has taken many great leaps forward in the last few years, consistently outperforming itself year after year, with products getting better and better and providing consistent, energy-saving light for all different types of applications. No matter what type of business you are...

  4. Why You Should Buy American-Made Lighting Panels

    Why You Should Buy American-Made Lighting Panels

    You’ve heard it before about many other commercial products: “Buy American.” The idea that you should buy American-manufactured goods has a lot of reasoning behind it, from the need to support the U.S. economy to the commitment to quality and customer service that many U.S. companies stand behind. This article will focus on the LED flat panel industry, which has...

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