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  1. Green Creative 15.5PAR38DIM Energy Star Rated Refine Series 15.5 Watts PAR38 Enclosed Lamp Dimmable 120W Equivalent
    PART# 15.5PAR38DIM/927SP15 | 15.5PAR38DIM/927NF25 | 15.5PAR38DIM/927FL40 | 15.5PAR38DIM/930SP15 | 15.5PAR38DIM/930NF25 | 15.5PAR38DIM/930FL40 | 15.5PAR38DIM/940FL40 | 15.5PAR38DIM/930NF25/B | 15.5PAR38DIM/930FL40/B | 15.5PAR38DIM/930FL40/GU24
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  2. Green Creative 11PAR30DIM Energy Star Rated 11 Watt PAR30 Enclosed Lamp Dimmable 75W Equivalent
    PART# 11PAR30DIM/927SP15 | 11PAR30DIM/927NF25 | 11PAR30DIM/927FL40 | 11PAR30DIM/930SP15 | 11PAR30DIM/930NF25 | 11PAR30DIM/930FL40 | 11PAR30DIM/940FL40 | 11PAR30DIM/930FL40/B
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  3. US LED Linear Star SKT1-1-37 14.8-Watt 4 Foot LED Outdoor Sign Lighting and Wall Washer Package - Includes Mount, Driver, and Cable
    PART# SKT1-1-37-BK-4-50-80-C | SKT1-1-37-BK-4-50-80-L | SKT1-1-37-BK-4-50-80-R | SKT1-1-37-BK-4-50-80-S | SKT1-1-37-SL-4-50-80-C | SKT1-1-37-SL-4-50-80-L | SKT1-1-37-SL-4-50-80-R | SKT1-1-37-SL-4-50-80-S
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  4. Green Creative 19.5PAR38HODIM Refine Series 19.5 Watt PAR 38 High Output Dimmable Non-Enclosed Lamp - Replaces 250W Halogen
    PART# 19.5PAR38HODIM/927NF25 | 19.5PAR38HODIM/930NF25 | 19.5PAR38HODIM/930FL40 | 19.5PAR38HODIM/935NF25 | 19.5PAR38HODIM/935FL40 | 19.5PAR38HODIM/940NF25 | 19.5PAR38HODIM/940FL40
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Lighting Brands

Shine Retrofits is an authorized distributor for a wide selection of the most respected lighting manufacturers in the business. Through our website you can select and purchase high-quality LED and fluorescent products for your next lighting project or retrofit.

At the top of the page you can find a number of brand pages to choose from, including manufacturers such as GE Lighting, CREE Lighting, and Sylvania. On the left side of the product listings you can also filter out by categories such as brand, price, and wattage range. Alternatively, use the search bar at the top of the page to find the exact product you need.

Shine Retrofits offers products from over 40 of the top lighting manufacturers. This includes brands such as Acuity, RAB Lighting, and NaturaLED.

RAB Lighting, for example, offers a selection of high quality indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures for purchase. This includes some of the best LED fixtures currently available, some of which would probably work well for your lighting project.

Lithonia Lighting is another manufacturer that offers quality products for your lighting projects. They offer LED and fluorescent products for a variety of applications, including commercial, residential, and outdoor installations. Use our link at the top of the page to view our Lithonia Lighting products.

If you have any questions about the lighting brands that we offer, we’d love to help. Our team of lighting experts at Shine Retrofits can walk you through the various products our manufacturers offer, and can help you pick out the right product for you. Please call our customer service team at 1-877-914-2218 anytime Monday through Friday, 6 am to 6 pm, Mountain Standard Time. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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