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Energy Efficient Lighting Supply for Builders

Lighting Supply for Builders

As a builder, you’ve put in countless hours refining your processes, making sure your projects are an exemplar of efficiency. That means that you have a hard time dealing with lighting distributors that slow down your project with unreliable lead times, missing shipments, and a host of other problems. To keep up with all the trends in energy efficient lighting, though, you often have difficulty finding a lighting distributor with an extensive catalog and the stellar customer service you deserve.

Shine Retrofits has the expertise and resources to be your go-to distributor for energy efficient lighting, and that goes for any building project. As the industry shifts to incorporate more LED lighting as a standard for new construction, builders will need a distributor they can trust to provide them with LED bulbs, fixtures like troffers and wallpacks, and other essentials like wiring.

A Builder’s Lighting Store

Lighting Supply for Builders

As you’re looking through the Shine Retrofits catalog, you will have complete access to our LS-1 certified customer service team, who are available full-time to help you navigate the wide variety of lighting options you can purchase for your project. Also, you won’t have to worry about your project falling behind because of distributors who can’t cater to your schedule. Our team at Shine Retrofits will work with you to make sure we get you the lighting solution you need, exactly when you need it.

You know that LEDs are the future of lighting, and won’t hesitate to recommend them to clients, providing them a building that is not only well-constructed, but also energy efficient. Saving money on energy costs will mean happier clients. We’ve worked with many different kinds of professionals over the years, and have seen how LEDs transform the way that businesses and homeowners use energy. There really is no comparison in today’s market when it comes to energy efficiency and durability, allowing individuals and companies alike the freedom of using energy sustainably and saving money in the process. We want to be the distributor that helps everyone get there.

If you’re working on a construction project and need a wide variety of lighting solutions, you can rely on us to help you order exactly what you need. We provide a comprehensive solution for professionals looking to order bulk quantities of energy-efficient lighting materials for new or retrofit projects, and are there to guide you every step of the way. Our Account Managers are experts in all the facets of energy efficient lighting, and would love to help you pick out every lighting component your project needs.

Build Energy Efficient Projects with Our Retrofit and LED Lighting Supplies

If you’re working on a building remodel, Shine Retrofits also specializes in LED retrofits, helping you turn old fixtures into energy efficient LED lights. The process is easy and affordable, and allows you to save time and energy on modernizing a building for a client. This frees you up to streamline the remodeling process for the client while also helping them achieve the best efficiency standards of our time.

When you make the switch to LEDs, you also have access to a wide variety of rebates. These rebates reward you for prioritizing energy efficient lighting in your projects, and can equal significant savings for your budget. Shine Retrofits would love to help you navigate the various rebates available to you, as well as process them when the time comes. It’s just another way we aim to make purchasing LED lights as simple as possible.

For more information on purchasing LED lights, fixtures, and retrofit kits, browse through our catalog and contact us today with any questions you may have. Our team looks forward to helping you save money by incorporating LED technology into your projects--it’s never too late to find a distributor that you can trust.

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