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CREE LED Light Bulbs

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When it comes to commercial LED light bulbs, nobody does it better than CREE. As a leader in modern lighting technology, they manufacture a wide range of LED lights to fit the needs of their diverse customer base. This includes energy efficient lighting for apartment buildings, retail spaces, and gym and sports complexes. No matter what the application, though, you can depend on CREE lighting for a dependable and energy efficient light that will stand the test of time.

CREE has a number of products that will help save you or your client money, energy, and time. This can be easily accomplished by switching out limited traditional lighting options in favor of LED. The efficiency, durability, and power of LED is unsurpassed, and CREE LED light bulbs are an affordable way to invest in the technology.

For example, CREE's A19 Series LED bulb uses 84% less energy than a conventional incandescent bulb, while the LM Series LED lamp delivers the same amount of lumens that a traditional halogen bulb does, but without any uncomfortable glare. The LBR Series LED bulb offers a longer light life and better color rendering than halogens, while the BR30 Series LED flood light is both dimmable and ENERGY STAR® qualified. And CREE's LRP Series lamp illuminates with an amazing 94 CRI and can last up to 50,000 hours in open fixtures.

LED has truly come into its golden age, and CREE is one of the companies leading the charge. More and more business owners, office managers, contractors, and construction companies are making the switch to LED technology. It’s hard to beat the long lifespan and high energy efficiency of LED bulbs, which outperform other technologies in virtually every aspect. Even with a higher price tag, LEDs pay for themselves in a relatively short time. After that, the energy savings you’ll experience are just money in your pocket.

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Shine Retrofits is your CREE-authorized distributor for LED commercial light bulbs. A leading company in the field of LED lighting, CREE products continue to revolutionize the ways in which companies and individuals can harness LED technology to light their space more effectively and efficiently while also saving money in the process.

CREE makes a bulb to meet almost any lighting need, with LED solutions that cater to retail spaces as well as healthcare and residential applications. Regardless of where and how you utilize CREE’s bulbs, you’ll find that they all offer amazing energy savings, high luminosity, and a long lifespan. Many of their products can last up to 100,000 hours!

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