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Howard Lighting Magnetic Fluorescent Ballasts

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The Howard Lighting magnetic fluorescent ballast line includes several different models that offer many different options to meet the large demand in the lighting market.  They will feature some sort of warranty, typically 3 years, and some are eligible for the extended warranty through Howard when specific lamps are purchase with specific ballasts at the same time. Most of the ballasts with be UL, Canadian UL, and CSA certified, as well as Class P, Type 1, Outdoor.  They are also CBM certified energy saving magnetic type ballasts. 


The T12 High Output Rapid Start M1/110RS-120 and M1/110RS-277, which operate 1 lamp at 120 or 277 volts.  They feature a 3 year warranty, Rapid Start with series circuit configuration, a minimum power factor of 96% on primary lamp configuration, and a frequency of 60Hz, and are Class B sound rated. These ballast also contain a potting compound for mechanicial stability, proper dissipation of heat, and moisture protection.


The T12 Slimline Instant Start M1/75IS-120 and M1/75IS-277 operate 1 lamp at 120 and 277 volts.  These also have a 3 year warranty, a minimum Power Factor of 93% on primary lamp configuration and  a frequency of 60Hz.  They also contain a potting compound and are Class C sound rated.  The 2 pin CFL High Power Factor M2/13CFH-120 model is sound rated Class A, a preheat ballast, has a lamp operating frequency greater than 60kHz, and is UL & cUL certified.

Howard Lighting Magnetic Fluorescent Ballasts

The magnetic fluorescent ballasts from Howard Lighting includes 1 lamp M1 or 2 lamp M2 series, T12 High Output rapid start, and 1 lamp T12 Slimline instant start models.  Howard Lighting follows and complies with the Energy Policy Act in regards to magnetic ballasts.  These magnetic ballast feature a 3 year warranty.  All the series in the magnetic ballasts line are either 120 Volt or 277 Volt,  are Class P Outdoor Type 1 and are either Class A, B, or C sound rated.  Most of these Howard Lighting ballasts are also CBM Certified energy saving. 

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