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Howard Lighting Fluorescent Lamps

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Howard Lighting offers a wide range of compact fluorescent lamp options to choose from, with many different color temperatures and different wattage.  These single, double, or triple tube lamps are perfect for use in recessed cans, task lighting, surface ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, and enclosed indoor/ outdoor lighting.  The pin based CFL lamps feature either 2 or 4 pins.  The 2 pin lamps are designed for preheat magnetic ballast and have an internal starter.  The 4 pin lamps are dimmable and designed for electronic ballasts.  The wattage for these lamps range from 5 to 42.  


The T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps from Howard Lighting are becoming the better choice among commercial and residential uses since they have many different configurations and features.  Howard Lighting also offers their exclusive 6" 28 watt U-tube that offers maximum energy savings.  When a Howard T8 lamp and a Howard ballast are installed together, Howard Lighting will offer a complete system warranty.  The T8 has a 25 watt energy saving and is available in 830, 835, and 841 color temperatures. 


The best applications for the linear fluorescent lamps are hospitals, parking garages, production, hallways, classrooms, offices, retail spaces, and warehouses.  They also carry a standard lamp warranty for 1 year, but can get an extended warranty by purchasing and registering the ballasts and lamps together.  The best uses for the compact fluorescent lamps include exit signs, task lighting, enclosed indoor/ outdoor, wall sconces, recessed cans, and surface ceiling fixtures.  

Howard Lighting Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamps from Howard Lighting offers many options with both the compact fluorescent lamps and the T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps.  These lamps provide significant improvement in efficiency when compared to incandescent lamps.  These lamps have a large selection of sizes, wattages, and designs to meet any lighting need.  With their long life, better light, high color rendering, lower maintenance costs, and energy savings, these CFL lamps are becoming the better choice in both commercial and residential uses.  

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