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Howard Lighting Linear Fluorescent Lay-in Troffer Fixtures

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Howard Lighting linear fluorescent lay-in troffer fixtures are designed for use with NEMA ‘G’ standard 15/16” grid ceiling systems. All the troffer fixtures in this line offer excellent energy savings with high system efficiency and long lamp life. Efficiency and aesthetics are evenly balanced due to the ribbed acrylic lens with a diffuser overlay.

The T5 fluorescent lamp in the DI series features either a 2x2 or 2x4 direct/ indirect fixture that gives a soft and balanced illumination that is comfortable and has a low glare.  These fixture mount with standard troffer mounting for T-bar ceilings.  The LP series T5 recessed low profile troffer offers a more subtle direct light with an extruded acrylic lens with a softening overlay that produces the best light and effective lamp obscurity with a low-brightness glow.

The retrofit kit series of fluorescent toffer fixtures offer a lower cost of ownership with its energy savings, utility rebates, and reduced waste and cost when installing new fixtures. With its 100% acrylic lens and ribbed pattern, the lamp image is minimized for a more consistent appearance and even distribution of light.  The FTR1 series retrofit kit allows for the conversion of a standard lay-in troffer into an efficient 2 lamp T5 direct/ indirect fixture.  These are shipped fully wired and feature an easy installation process.  These retrofit fixtures have a 34% power reduction with the same light of 64% savings at reduced lumens.  The FTR2 series changes 2, 3, or 4 lamp fixtures into a 2 lamp fixture with four reflector options. 

Howard Lighting Linear Fluorescent Lay-in Troffer Fixtures

The Howard Lighting fluorescent troffer line feature fixtures that offer a soft, modern look that easily blends with any commercial space.  These fixtures have contoured panels that are finished in a high reflectance matte white paint providing a low-brightness glow while the majority of the light is controlled through the center.  These are all energy efficient with long lamp lives. The LP series is cULus listed, while the other series are UL listed. The retrofit kit delivers both cost and energy efficiency with modern lamp and ballast technology.

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