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GU24 Base CFL

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There are two common bases for compact fluorescent lamps: the Edison/screw base and the GU24 base. The GU 24 connector is a bayonet-mount bi-pin connector that allows for a shorter lamp base. The GU24/pin-base compact fluorescent lamp combines the excellent efficiency of fluorescent lighting technology with the simple replacement and familiarity of the standard incandescent light bulb. GU24 CFL lamps are the right choice for any application or retrofit job that requires highly efficient individual light sources. Pin-base compact fluorescent bulbs are a great fit for office, hospitality and task lighting when ample light output, excellent color rendering, and low energy usage are all required.

With the availability of dimmable GU24 base CFL lamps, compact fluorescent lighting has broadened its usability to include applications where personalized lighting, occupant comfort, and a controllable visual environment are also important.

Our line of pin-based CFLs / GU24-base compact fluorescent bulbs includes a variety of wattages to bring energy-efficient lighting to almost any CFL installation or compact fluorescent retrofit. Edison/screw-to-GU24 adapters are also available.

The commercial electrical contractor's source for GU24-base lamps and GU24-base compact fluorescent lights. Compare and buy energy-efficient pin-base CFLs and more GU 24 lamps for your commercial lighting project or retrofit.
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