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LED MR11 & MR16

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MR11 and MR16 (multifaceted reflector) LED lamps provide instant-on, flicker-free light, providing high-quality illumination and excellent color rendering that's ideal for task lighting, accent lighting, and some general purpose lighting applications.  Energy-efficient LED MR11 or LED MR16 bulbs are suitable for any application where you would place traditional MR bulbs. These lamps are perfect for direct retrofit projects, as the bulbs can deliver payback on an industrial lighting project in as little as one year.

LED MR11 and LED MR16 lamps have a very long life and are rated to put out 70% as much light after 50,000+ hours of operation as they do brand new. A typical 4-watt MR11 LED lamp produces 150 lumens of initial light output, which means it can deliver the same illumination as a 20-watt halogen lamp using 20% of the power. The LED bulbs are easy to install and contain no lead or mercury, making them environmentally friendly and safe to discard.

Many of our MR11 LED and MR16 LED bulbs and dimmable MR11 LED and MR16 LED lamps come with built-in heat sink and 36-degree Opic lens. Our fade-resistant MR LED bulbs show very little discoloration over time, are ideal For heat-sensitive applications, LED MR16 bulbs with cover glass technology which virtually eliminates UV-B and UV-C radiation. 

R11 LED or MR11 replacement bulbs are ideal for anywhere you would normally place a multifaceted reflector (MR) bulb.  LED MR11 bulbs contain no lead or mercury which makes them easy to install and environmentally safe to dispose of.  The typical 150 lumens initial light output provides lighting comparable to most 20 W halogen lamps, while saving 16W electricity at the same time.  MR11 LED bulbs have a very long life and are rated to put out 70% as much light after 50,000+ hours of operation as they do brand new.

Be sure to check the compatibility of any MR11 LED bulb or MR11 replacement bulbs with all electronic transformers.  We recommend magnetic transformers for any dimming applications.  Be sure to confirm MR11 LED product fit with the fixtures for your commercial lighting project.  Well ventilated and open fixtures are required for proper light output and product life. MR11 LED bulbs are not recommended for use in enclosed fixtures because the heat buildup may shorten the lifespan of any LED MR11 bulbs.

Our MR16 LED bulbs or MR16 replacement bulbs can produce as much light as halogen while also saving 86% energy in comparison to a 35W halogen light bulb.   Our MR16 LED and MR16 Led dimmable bulbs come with built in heat sink and 36 degree Opic lens.

The benefits of finding the right LED MR16 include: no UV or IR radiation, environmentally friendly and recyclable (no hazardous material), no flickering, and instant light on.  LED MR16 bulbs are not designed for emergency exit signs or other emergency light fixtures.  The MR16 LED bulbs work best in dry location – or if used for landscape lighting in enclosed casing.

The right MR16 LED replacements are up to 30% more efficient than standard MR16 lamps.  MR16 LED bulbs consume less energy than traditional options.  LED MR16 bulbs produce a smooth beam pattern and provide long lamp life with sometimes less than 1 year payback on an entire industrial lighting project.  With an ideal direct replacement for existing MR16 lamps, you will simply install and begin to immediately enjoy beautiful, energy-saving light. Many LED MR16 bulbs have cover glass technology which virtually eliminates UV-B and UV-C radiation.  Ideal for heat-sensitive applications and fade-resistant with little discoloration over time.

The commercial electrical contractor's source for LED MR11s and MR16s. Compare and buy energy-efficient LED MR 11 and MR 16 lighting, and other GU10 base lamps for your commercial project or retrofit. MR11 LED bulbs and MR16 LED replacements bulbs are currently used in applications which require directional lighting such as recessed ceiling lights, desk lamps, track lighting, pendant fixtures, retail display lighting, and landscape lighting.  MR16, along with MR11, is a common size of LED bulb.  MR16 replacement bulbs work in many commercial lighting settings which include: retail settings, office & interior, or flood & landscape.

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