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Lighting Retrofit By Existing HID Wattage

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Choose the existing wattage of your current HID metal halide, mercury vapor, or high or low pressure sodium fixture. We listed out common wattages used in all applications. Our retrofit kits listed are common and popular no matter what your fixture type. Typical energy savings is over 50% when you put in the new technology if you would like to emit roughly the same light levels. Common new technologies to retrofit include LED, induction, and fluorescent: LED's have quickly taken over the lighting market as the most popular retrofit option due to the high light output and energy efficiency. LED retrofit kits exist for almost any application now due to the smaller sizes and variety of products out there. Generally you can save 60-70% energy over your existing HID wattage now, with that number improving all the time. LED's now last anywhere from 50,000 hours to over 100,000 as tested, which basically means your maintenance costs will be eliminated for 10+ years when you go to a retrofit. The savings not only comes from energy but the labor, lift rentals, and other component purchases typical to replacing bulbs and ballasts all the time with older technologies. The light quality is also increased greatly with 70+ CRIs and color output consistency that doesn't exist with metal halide or high pressure sodium. LED retrofit kits are made in all shapes and sizes for different purposes. LED is generally the most efficient because you can build the kit to shine in any direct you want to.

We have a lot of kits with different beam angles ranging from 360 degrees to 180 Degrees (straight in one direction - most efficient). Please ask us if you're not sure which one you should go with. Induction has been around for decades and is a form of electrode-less fluorescent technology. It uses a lamp and generator and replaces your existing old HID lamp and ballast in your existing fixture. When installed you can save between 50% and 60% energy with induction retrofit kits lasting 80,000-100,000 hours, virtually eliminating maintenance costs for many years. Induction lasts so long because the lamp is completely sealed with the magnets exciting gases on the inside of the lamp with no direct contact. Installation sometimes takes custom mounting but after the first fixture is figured out, the rest of the fixtures go smoothly. Induction is especially cost effective with very low project payback for outdoor applications such as parking lots, garage fixtures, street and pole lights, canopy fixtures, and wall packs. Fluorescent is the least costly option for most fixtures that use linear 4 foot and 8 foot lamps. If you have a T12 you can typically save over 30% while keeping the same brightness by installing retrofit kit with new T8 lamps and ballasts. These are popular in troffer and recessed fixtures, along with strip and surface mount fluorescent fixtures. T8 and T5 (regular and HO - high output) are still highly efficient in terms of energy savings for a great cost. And the lamps last anywhere from 24,000-30,000 hours, typically 5+ years at regular operating hours. If you have indoor high ceiling HID fixtures in large open space with HID's in the 250W - 400W range, fluorescent high bay fixtures are still a fantastic way to save over 50% while brightening up the area at the lowest cost.

Browse our top lighting retrofit kits by your existing wattage below. You can find the existing wattage by looking at the label on your current lamp or ballast. This will be displayed in "W" or Watts. If you have questions about what you have don't hesitate to contact us for assistance. "HID" below means High Intensity Discharge, and can include metal halide or high or low pressue sodium technologies, along with mercury vapor.

If you don't know the wattage or can't find the label, you can often go off how high the light fixture is in the air. Here is a general list of typical mounting heights with this older technology:

Mounting Height:
0-10 Feet: 50-70W HID
11-13 Feet: 100W HID
14-18 Feet:150-175W HID
19-22 Feet: 320W HID
23-28 Feet: 400W HID
29-35 Feet: 750W HID
36+ Feet: 1000W HID

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