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Howard Lighting T8 Linear Fluorescent Lamps

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Howard Lighting's linear fluorescent T8 lamps come in several different wattages, designs, and sizes making them ideal for use residentially and commercially.  Some models in this line of lamps meet the Federal minimum efficiency standards.  These lamps have high color rendition and are energy saving.  The lamp life will be affected when using options such as dimmers, dimming systems, and occupancy sensors.  


These fluorescent T8 lamps feature a medium bipin base, T8 bulb, and a tubular fluorescent lamp.  They wattage for these lamps are 17, 25, 28, 32, and 40.  These lamps color temperatures range from 3000K to 6500K and a CRI ranging from 75 to 85.  The different types of lamps include long life high lumen, low mercury, low mercury high lumen, low mercury energy saving, and long life energy saving.  

Howard Lighting offers a standard lamp warranty for the fluorescent T8 lamps of one year from the date of purchase.   That warranty can be extended if the lamp and a Howard electronic T8 ballast are purchased together and registered under Howard's “Security Plus” System Warranty.   These lamps are best used in warehouses, classrooms, parking garages, offices, gyms, production areas, hospitals, entry ways, and retail spaces.

Howard Lighting T8 Linear Fluorescent Lamps

The linear fluorescent T8 lamps from Howard Lighting were designed to save energy and maintenance costs in offices, classrooms, hospitals, production, parking garages, retail spaces, hallways, and warehouses.  They feature a long life since the T8 lamp has an average rated life of 60,000 hours with an instant start ballast and 75,000 hours with a program rapid start ballast.  These lamps have become extremely popular in both commercial and residential applications since they have many configurations with a wide selection of sizes, designs, and wattages.  The T8 Long Life lamp uses new technology to stop lumen depreciation and lasts about 3 times longer than other fluorescent bulbs.

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