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June 2019

  1. Smart Buildings & the Internet of Things

    Smart Buildings & the Internet of Things

    What are Smart Buildings? A smart building is a space that uses a connected network of devices to collect, receive, and send data so that the building can more efficiently manage its energy use. A smart building can adjust its energy usage depending on factors like human presence, such as with occupancy and vacancy sensors, control lights and other devices...

  2. What is Connected Lighting?

    What is Connected Lighting?

    What is connected lighting? One of the benefits of living in the internet age is that we now have the ability to connect everything in our buildings to a network, allowing us to control and monitor our appliances and lighting fixtures remotely with the touch of a button. Connected lighting technology truly opens up a whole new realm of possibilities...

  3. Office Lighting: What Are My Options?

    Office Lighting: What Are My Options?

    Let’s face it. Your office is a vital part of your business. Your office is the place where your employees congregate, attend important meetings, and build the future of your company. For such an important space in the fabric of your business, it’s important not to overlook critical lighting and lighting design elements that will help you and your employees...

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