Juno Lighting GroupShine Retrofits is the electrical contractor’s and business owner’s #1 source for Juno Lighting products. We love Juno Lighting LED products because they offer a long lamp life, usually ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 hours which means less maintenance and repairs over time. We also love Juno Lighting products for their stellar quality and modern, sleek designs.

Juno Lighting has a diverse catalog of lighting products, and we are happy to share a shopping guide of some of our favorite Juno Lighting products with you today. Juno Lighting 4RLD-G4-06LM 8 Watt 4-Inch LED Round Downlight Retrofit Baffle Trim Module Dimmable This energy-saving G4 Series 4 Inch Round Downlight Retrofit replaces 75W incandescent bulbs while producing over 600 lumens. Installation is straightforward and takes only 8 Watts of input, which can save up to 80% of the energy used by an incandescent bulb. Juno Lighting J6AI DB 10LM TUWH 90CRI 120 WWH DWNL 6 Inch LED Retrofit Smart Home Downlight Baffle Trim - Works With Alexa The AI line of downlights from Juno Lighting is a special downlight that combines innovative technology and energy-saving LED technology. This light fixture supports Alexa and has WiFi capabilities. It also reduces the clutter that comes with a hub station and enables hands-free control of every smart home device. This advanced technology allows you to set the mood for your home each day with the dimmable LED light, tunable color temperature controls, programmable lighting to wake up, relax, or sleep and the ability to play music directly from your downlight speaker. This is essential to turning any house into a smart home and ideal for new construction or existing 6" downlight cans. Juno Lighting 2LEDTRIM G2 DC 30K 90CRI FL WWH 2-Inch IC Rated Cone Recessed Trim Module, White, 30K, 90CRI, Flood Optics JUNO 2" LED Gen 2 Downlights and adjustables offer a variety of color finishes, color temperatures, and optics, as well as 600 or 1000 lumens. These items need a driver and an LED trim module, both of which are available separately. Juno Lighting R600L G2 Dimmable 9.5W LED Trac Head in Black with General Flood Optic, 2700K, 50W Equivalent Juno LED Track fixtures assembled in the U.S.A provide superior light and flexibility to accomplish the look and feel most desired from general flood to dramatic spotlighting. The Juno R600L series offers incredibly high quality and efficiency at a reasonable cost with a classic contemporary design. This Juno lighting fixture is also dimmable and is a compatible replacement for incandescent Juno track lights. Juno Lighting 14 WWH 4-Inch Contractor Select Recessed Baffle Trim, White Baffle with White Trim The Juno 4-Inch Line Voltage Recessed Baffle Trim is the best choice for situations requiring ambient or task illumination. Perfect for the kitchen, reading spaces, playrooms, lobbies, closets, vanities in bathrooms, and more. This fixture is wet location approved and easy to install. At Shine Retrofits, we carry a diverse catalog of LED lighting products that are of the highest quality, and we only house products from brands that we love, and one of those brands is Juno Lighting. Shine is ready to walk you through every step of your next lighting project. Our customer service team is available by phone at 1-877-948-5411 from 6 AM to 6 PM, Mountain Standard Time.