Multi unit building owners can save thousands by using the most energy-efficient lighting on their premises. The hardest part will be to retrofit the building and get your tenants on board to switch out their light fixtures. The easy part will be to find fixtures that will save on energy costs. Our sales reps are available over the phone to help you through the purchase process. Give them a call from 6AM - 6PM MST at 1-800-983-1315. [caption id="attachment_1401" align="alignright" width="300"]multi unit building A multi-unit building like this one can rack up lighting costs. This poses an opportunity to save with LED retrofit projects.[/caption] There are many areas of opportunity to save on lighting costs. Due to building codes, many of these lights need to remain on through the night or sometimes even all day. That means they rack up your energy bill, so even a small percentage in energy usage reduction can result in a big difference. Often times, our customers find their energy consumption reduction is up to 75% for each light fixture! The cost to invest in the new lighting is usually paid for within the first two years after installation. Beyond the energy savings, there is a good chance that your local energy company offers rebates to help offset the cost of the new light fixtures. If you are unsure about your eligibility for these rebates, our sales reps can help. Shine Retrofits has experience with helping clients to make sure they qualify for these programs.   Ready to start shopping now? Click over to our multi-family building product section.   Now we will cover a few of the areas of a multi-unit building where you can cut energy costs now. Keep in mind, that you won't always require a completely new fixture. In many cases, a retrofit kit is available to replace the lighting components and you can use the same fixture/pole/mount/etc. Once again, our sales reps can help advise you on the most cost-effective way to cut lighting costs on your multi unit building. Give them a call at 1-800-983-1315.  

Multi Unit Building Lighting Areas:


Parking Lot Lighting - Shop Now

Most multi unit building residences require adequate lighting in parking lots for safety. This means they go on at dusk and remain on until dawn. In the middle of Winter, that can be as many as 16 hours depending where you live. Fortunately, energy efficient LEDs are a great option for outdoor lighting. They use little power and operate well at extreme temperatures.

Wall Packs - Shop Now

LED wall packWall packs are a great option to light parking lots because they utilize the existing structure of the building. They do not necessitate a light pole. If you are already using wall packs, you have the option of retrofitting them. We sell a full line of LED lamps, and some are specifically for retrofitting wall packs. Check out products like these from Light Efficient Design to see if you can simply upgrade your existing wall packs.

Pole Lighting - Shop Now

pole lightIf your parking lot is away from your building, you may need to install poles to mount lights above your lot. New LED light fixtures are very efficient and available on If you simply want to update the technology in your existing shoebox lights, you can retrofit your fixture. The brand 3BL offers great options for corn cob lamps or RPK retrofit kits.

Bollard Lights - Shop Now

bollard lightsBollard Lights provide visibility below eye-level of most adults, which adds safety without creating a blinding light. They are great in parking lots as well as around landscapes. Consider bollard light fixtures where tenants will walk to and from the parking lot. They serve as great walkway lighting. We have many available in LED, as well as retrofit lamps made specifically for bollard lights.

Parking Garage Canopy Lighting - Shop Now

parking garage canopy lightIf your multi-unit building offers a parking garage, chances are those lights are going to need to be on 24/7. Fortunately, many energy efficient options are available to keep your garage well-lit without racking up a huge electric bill. Our selection includes LED, fluorescent, and induction options to help you create a safe space to park, efficiently. These lights also work well if there is a covered entry to your front door or breezeway.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Exit Signs - Shop Now

LED exit signsIf you are operating a commercial property, fire code will likely deem it necessary to install proper emergency exit lighting. These lights will be on all day, everyday. Don't let this become an unnecessary expenditure. Opt for LED exit signs and keep costs down.

Security Lighting - Shop Now

security light with photo sensorTo ensure tenant safety, use security lighting to illuminate dark areas of your property. The key to using these light fixtures without running up your electric bill is to use a dusk-to-dawn photo sensor. These sensors will make it so the light will only turn on when the sensor detects that it is dark out. This works even better than a timer, because the timing of the light will adjust with the sunset/sunrise.

Interior Lighting - Shop our indoor section

Stairwell Lighting - Shop Now

stairwell light for a multi unit buildingStairwells in common areas of a multi unit building often do not have any windows, and therefore are going to require the lights to be on 24 hours a day. This is one of the best places to save on energy costs by installing energy-efficient light fixtures. Whether you choose ceiling-mount strip lights or wall fixtures, you will want to make sure stairwells are well-lit. This will provide a safe area for tenants to pass through, as they will likely be doing so multiple times per day.

Decorative Lighting - Shop Now

sconce for a multi unit buildingSome buildings will have shared common areas that will be decorated like a living room or other residential area. Without the ability to control the usage of these lamps, it is best to install low voltage fixtures to cut down on energy costs. Shine Retrofits has a full selection of vanity and decorative lighting. While you may not be able to control the fixtures that tenants use in their units, you may provide an incentive for them to retrofit. Talk to you HOA and start a program to swap out costly incandescent fixtures.

LED Light Bulbs - Shop Now

LED A19 bulbsIf retrofitting your existing light fixtures seems like too much of an undertaking right now, you can always get started by replacing traditional bulbs with LEDs. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and has a complete selection. If you replace a 60 watt incandescent bulb with LED, you will need an 8 watt bulb to provide the same amount of light. Your new LED bulb will only use about 13% of the electricity, saving 87% per year in lighting costs. On top of that, these bulbs will last up to 25 years, meaning you cut down on the cost and labor for replacement. So, what are you waiting for?

Other Exterior Lighting - Shop our entire outdoor section

Flood Lights - Shop Now

floodlight for a multi unit buildingA great way to improve the safety of your multi unit building is to install flood lighting that turns on at night. By lighting up the facade of your building, it will look more inviting to potential tenants. It will also highlight the beauty of your establishment. Just be sure to choose LED floodlights. HID lights will rack up a hefty energy bill as they lose most of their energy in the form of heat and not light.

Are you ready to start saving on your multi unit building lighting costs? Click here to shop our new section with everything you will need. Need help deciding on the best fixtures for your needs? Our knowledgeable sales staff is a phone call away, Monday-Friday, 6AM-6PM MST, at 1-800-983-1315. Give us a call!